AUTC believes that cybersecurity is the 21st century reliability challenge. To help our members address this challenge, we are implementing a comprehensive holistic strategy that provides practical tools and information about handling cybersecurity challenges in a utilities telecommunication environment.

AUTC Cybersecurity design includes three elements:

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AUTC helps create effective and practical cybersecurity policy environment in Africa. UTC globally is actively engaged in educating legislators and regulators on cybersecurity-related aspects of utilities telecommunications environment. UTC participates in a number of leading cybersecurity standards bodies to ensure that there are useful and usable cybersecurity standards that can help manage cybersecurity risks in practical ways. UTC focuses on reducing duplication and facilitating harmonization of standards to help our members streamline their cybersecurity policy and standards implementation.

UTC’s facilitates cybersecurity awareness and information sharing among the critical infrastructure industry and with the policy makers. Africa UTC helps share cybersecurity best practices and solutions to common problems and identifies cybersecurity educational and certification opportunities to help our members stay current in the field. We also work to facilitate collaborative dialog among utilities, vendors and regulators to share best practices.

Around the world, UTC is developing and identifying practical tools that can help reduce cybersecurity risks to critical infrastructure. We work with a variety of partners across critical infrastructure industries, government agencies, standards bodies, and other industry associations to identify, tailor, or develop specific practical solutions to help our members manage cybersecurity risks.


Final Cybersecurity Framework published on February 12, 2014

The National Institute of Standards and Technology published the Final Cybersecurity Framework on February 12, 2014.  Coordinated with the release of the Framework, the Department of Homeland Security launched the Critical Infrastructure Cyber Community (C3, pronounced as “C-cubed”) Program that will support the use of the Framework, conduct outreach to the industry through the critical infrastructure community, and solicit stakeholder feedback on the implementation of the Framework.